"Singin' in the Rain" - Kammerspiele Wien 2011


"The elegant, musical-heavyweight Gaines Hall as Don Lockwood is in a class by himself. Even when falling in love with his Kathy, played by Nina Weiss, he remains sublimely beyond reproach."
(Wiener Zeitung, September 24./25, 2011)



"This is what a smash-hit looks like...excellently performed, sung and danced. Gaines Hall is a tapping-virtuoso Don Lockwood..."
(Wiener Kurier, September 24, 2011)



"Gaines Hall as dandy Don Lockwood and Ramesh Nair as Cosmo...pracically fly across the stage. Hall stands apart as a true Gentleman, wins the audience with both his singing and dancing, and has nothing to fear from Gene Kelly. His biggest highlight is naturally the dance in (real) rain - Gaines Hall is considered to be practically the best tap dancer on the stages of the german-speaking countries. He deftly and lightly springs from puddle to puddle and brings Kelly's most famous dance back to life."
(Da Capo Magazine, Oct./ Nov. 2011)



"Gaines Hall gives his long-awaited Viennese Musical-debut as a lovable Don Lockwood...It would be great if he were to be seen in musicals that have never played Vienna, such as "Me and My Girl" or "Crazy for You," because one doesn't find a leading man like him on every street corner."
(Musicals Magazine, Oct./Nov. 2011)





„CARMEN – ein deutsches Musical“ – Bad Hersfelder Festspiele 2010


"And the classic show stopper is Gaines Hall's glamorous performance as rockstar Johnny Ray in white tux and tails.  Where as it was the Torero in Bizet's "Carmen," in this version rock 'n roll swings in place of the bulls."

(Hessische Allgemeine Zeitung, Kassel, 06/18/2010)


"The only other performer who can equal the power and delivery of Anna Montanaro as Carmen is Gaines Hall as the american songster, the Torero of this Carmen"

(Frankfurter Allgemeine, Frankfurt, 06/24/2010)





„Die Blume von Hawaii– Vienna 2010


„In the direction from Helmut Baumann, Gaines Hall as Jim Boy — with a strong singing voice, terrific optic and great dance-scenes, including a brilliantly devised surf-seqzeunce — excites and manages to be stiff competition for the actual leading roles.“

(EXTRA, Austria, 09/2010)


"The cast wuold be strong enough even without the high productions standards...Gaines Hall is the exceptional singing and dancing jazz singer Jimmy-Boy and is brilliant in his minstrel number:"

(Kultur, February 09, 2010)


"Great and performing with joy: Marko Kathol, Martina Dorak and above all Gaines Hall. Cheers!"

(Kurier February 09, 2010)





SILK STOCKINGS – Nuremberg 2009


Gaines Hall was brilliant as the agent Steve Canfield.  Not only did he sing strongly, but he also delivered various examples of his first-class dance repertoire.  A smart, elegant and soveriegn dancing tornado in Fred Astaire-Look.“

(DaCapo Magazine, Austria, 01/2009)


Gaines Hall acts, sings and dances the Charmer straddling two worlds abashedly charming and from the hip, as it was intended.“

(Evening Times, Nuremberg,  11/10/2009)


Gaines Hall’s performance and his charisma hold this production together—and this given the fact that he had to interrupt the final dress rehearsal and cancel the preview performance due to a high fever. Compliment!

(Nuremberger Times, 11/10/2009)


„ addition comes the lucky hand in casting Gaines Hall as the charming dandy and film agent Steve Canfield, who betrays his excellent musical training in America and in Berlin with every move:  every hip-swing, every intentionally delayed reaction serves the purpose and concept.“

(Nuremberger News Online, 11/10/2009)





Grand Hotel


"Gaines hall as Felix von Gaigern is brilliant, with an enormous presence and body-language. The man from Alabama embodies Broadway. Respect!"

(Osnabrücker Nachrichten 27.04.08)


"Gaines Hall...he portrays his Baron as a likeable con-man, and he really comes into his own with a wonderfully light-footed Charleston"

(Osnabrücker Zeitung 28.04.08)


Whoever would like to experience how a State-Theater with its actor's and opera ensemble, supported with carefully casted professeional musical guest artists, can create a successful, modern musical experience- then he's come to the right place in Osnabrück."

(Westfälische Nachrichten 29.04.08)





"Equally exceptional in both singing and acting, the dream-team Anke Sieloff and All-rounder Gaines Hall; vocal harmony and spoken diction in perfection! Pity that there was no place for a dance number à la 'Silk Stockings' to be found."

(The Operafriend, 12.09.2007)


Gaines Hall: the smart US-Pro takes the character knowingly and with a raised eyebrow into the absurd."

(WAZ, 12.10.2007)


"One shouldn't let this musical production, with which the Gelsenkirchen Musiktheater again sets new standards in the Revier region, pass him by."

(NRZ, 12.10.2007)



Anything goes Kassel


"They had luck when casting the show...Gaines Hall interprets his songs with loads of charm and manages the task between being in-love and being ridiculous great...Stefanie Dietrich is convincing as Hope and delivers the tightest moments of the evening in Duet with Gaines Hall...It is about time that the theater in North Hessen not only engages a first-class cast but also a well-rounded, convincing creative team."

(Musicals, April/ May 2007)


"Gaines Hall stands out as Billy Crocker thanks to his enormous presence. He gives the story lots of pep and charm."

(Göttinger Tageblatt 27.02.2007)



LA CAGE AUX FOLLES-- Landestheater Eisenach


"They had luck when casting the show...Gaines Hall interprets his songs with loads of charm and manages the task between being in-love and being ridiculous great...Stefanie Dietrich is convincing as Hope and delivers the tightest moments of the evening in Duet with Gaines Hall...It is about time that the theater in North Hessen not only engages a first-class cast but also a well-rounded, convincing creative team."

(Musicals, April/ May 2007)


Naturally this musical lives or dies with the actor portraying Albin. Gaines Hall plays the transvestite with such perfection, that one completely forgets that it's a theater role. Hall is at once the bitchy queen and simultaneously the vulnerable creature, the old, show-biz pro and the love-hungry man. Every nuance sits. In costume and make-up he embodies the perfect, attractive woman, even up close in the audience.

(Thüringer Landeszeitung 01.15.07)


Magnificent -- the Eisenacher production of the musical "La Cage aux Folles" earns this credo. The main stars in Eisenach... first, Gaines Hall as the sensitive, love-hungry Albin and the spendid Zaza: The american is utterly convincing as comedian, with a natural charm and a voice full of feeling.

(Süd-Thüringer Zeitung)



SILK STOCKINGS, Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen


"Without wanting to do Dortmund or Essen unjust, but the epicenter of the art of musical ist presently to be found at the Musiktheater im Revier in Gelsenkirchen. Stefan Hubers incarnation of Cole Porter's "Silk Stockings" is the new proof of it.

Anke Sieloff and the absolutely radiating life-force of Gaines Hall have become somewhat of a "Dream-pair" in the Gelsenkirchener musical culture, and their dance scenes together were never better."

(Westfälische Rundschau, Oktober 4, 2006)


"Gaines Hall in the role of the american film agent is an exciting, full-blooded entertainer."

(Ruhr Nachrichten, Oktober 5, 2006)


"The newest production of "Silk Stockings-- Ninotschka" exceeds all expectations and not only the critics were asking themselves after the premiere whether and when one would be able to top such a musical top-event."

(Online Musik Magazin-- September 30, 2006)


Above all, the "Dream-Pair" Anke Sieloff as the dedicated communist and the Gelsenkirchener musical guest Gaines Hall as the arrogant and apparently shallow capitalist Canfield, but also Leah Gordon, who completely blossoms in her role as the excentric film diva."

(Herner Feuillton, September 30, 2006)



Rocky Horror, Meppen


Gaines Hall is the absolute prototype for Frank-n-Furter. He delivers the androgenous Being with huge stage presence and a very special persona. (He) plays the Inter-galactic Entity threateningly and he delivers the cult-songs both roared and whispered...

Sometimes lasciviously coquette, sometimes vulnerable-- he plays all the facets of Frank-n-Furter with enormous vocal ease.



CRAZY FOR YOU Theater am Domhof, Osnabrück


“The unequivocal star of the evening is Gaines Hall in the leading role as Bobby Child. He conjures great musical theatre direct from the beginning on the Osnabrücker stage: already in the first number he sings and taps over the boards in tux and tails, apparently one with the swinging rhythm…”

(Ostfriesische Nachrichten 02.06.06)


“This production is garanteed thanks to Gaines Hall in the role of Bobby Child”

(Münstersche Zeitung 02.08.06)


“Gaines Hall as Bobby Child is the perfect musical theater performer, handsome and charasmatic, with a strong voice, and is a fantastic tap dancer.”

(Westfällische Nachrichten 02.14.06)


“Gaines Hall brings star quality to the Osnabrücker stage. Charasmatic as always, he proves once again that he is a pure-breed entertainer, who- in the role as tapping, singing, slapstick- comedian Bobby Child- shows that he is completely at home.”

“’Crazy for You’ is perfect entertainment, a piece of Broadway in Osnabrück. We haven’t seen this niveau in the Theater am Domhof in at least the last 25 years.”

(Musicals Magazine April/May 2006)




Above all, is the smart gigolo Jojo (Gaines Hall) with a bright,
strong voice and agile extremities.

(Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung)


Hall doesn‘t only look splendid in his bright costume, he can also
intentionally sell it. The bright voice, resilient and cutting, it works
completely with the buisnessman who extols his shallow
enticements. The showstopper, „Mr.Greed“, at the to of the second
act shows him to also be an agile dancer.

(Musicals, Heft 81, Feb/März 2000)


Gaines Hall, as the opportunistic Jojo, pulls off the epitome of the
cocky, self-sure American Boy.

(Hessische Allgemeine)


Gaines Hall, as the slimy-ingratiating-treacherous Jojo, takes the
unknowing audience by the hand and through his journey of the
world of vulgarity and exibitionism, of naked greed and honest



"The Ensemble is certainly worth a ticket: As the underhanded crook Jojo, Gaines Hall reprises his roll from the Kasseler production. He is a gifted dancer, and he sings and acts the badguy perfectly."

(Musicals, Dec.05./ Jan.06.)


"This time Gaines Hall shows his mean side, playing the cool pimp and hustler Jojo, and that with bravour."

(City Mirror, 11.16.05)


" the narrator-entertainer in a class to himself: Gaines Hall."

(Herner Arts & Liesure, 11.14.05)




"Absolutey at the top of the performer's heirarchy is the American Gaines Hall as Molina. This is a classic all-around man. He sings, dances, speaks and acts at the highest niveau and brilliantly conveys the comic-tragic fate of his character."

(Thüringer Allgemeine 03.20.05)


Gaines Hall plays Molina with just the right touch of homosexuality, taps thrillingly, and moves one with his singing voice, which is strong in every range."

(Giessener Anzeiger 03.22.05)



Pressreactions about “CRAZY FOR YOU”

"Gaines Hall is...with a likable charisma, great voice, perfect diction (in German), and above all breathtaking tap-dancing the audience favorite."
(Musicals magazine, Dec. 2002/ Jan. 2003)


The super-success has mainly three factors to thank: the grandios tapper and sunnyboy Gaines Hall,...the precise director Mathias Davids,...and the conducter Kai Tietje.
(Westdeutsche Allgemeine-WAZ)

The beginning tap-dance-sequences with the sympathetic Gaines Hall as a musical-favorite at the top immediately excite.  Musiktheater im Revier has seldem reached this quality of music.
(Westdeutsche Allgemeine-Gelsenkirchen)

Gaines Hall gives the tapdancer Bobby Child a presence that-- with virtuosity --reminds one of Gene Kelly's charm and Fred Astaire's elegance.
(Ruhr Nachrichten)

The production's dream-couple, American Gaines Hall and Anke Sieloff, wins over the audience in nothing flat with their qualities as singers and dancers.
(Buersche Zeitung)

Gaines Hall must be mentioned above all others:  with a true output of energy, he combines dance, song, and acting into a unique and charasmatic figure that is only seldem seen on the stage.




Gaines Hall has a following in town, and his Frederick, a little show-biz with debilitating contradictions, will increase it.
(Hessischer Niedersächsische Allgemeine)

Gaines Hall, best remembered by the Kasseller audience from "The Life," gives an exalted (Frederick) Trumper
(Gießener Allgemeine)


In the beach-paradise stage setting he is happy as a clam and excites with a wild show which he--time and again completely out of breath--moderates himself with charm and esprit.
(Hessischer Niedersächsische Allgemeine)

Only minutes into the show the audience feels as though they've been transplanted to the beach and the good mood increases constantly...All of the songs pass perfectly to his voice, whether german hits or from Madonna, due to his unbelievable range he masters each task with bravour.
(MusicalCocktail, Austria

Gaines Hall in Concert

Bombastic!...Fast-paced!...Top-notch entertainer...Suggestive and seductive.
(Hessischer Niedersächsische Allgemeine)




The rapid show, with tap, dance & musical elements, is a wall of
power, in which the artist pulls out all the stops and shows - and
proves - the numerous facets of his talent.



What‘s original about Hall‘s show is, above all, how it‘s highly
artistic and glamourous ingredients are enriched in a tasteful form
and fashio, with a portion of eroticism.

(Hessen Nassauischer Anzeiger)


Gaines Hall is an all-round talent. He is an actor, singer and dancer
(Hessisch Nassauische Allgemeine)


From the first minute, when the curtain opens and Gaines comes
tapping into the audience full of power and athletic energy, sparks
fly from him to the audience. (...) It becomes clear throughout the
evening that Gaines Hall has unbelivable body control and a simply
bottom less reservoire of energy.



It‘s not just the dancing that makes this show unique, but also the
many anecdotes from Hall‘s life, that take the audience directly into
the heat of the American south or the end of a failed relationship.

(Nicole Demmer for MZontheNet)